Frequently Asked Questions

• Where and when should I place the can for pick-up?

Your container should be placed near the street before 5:30 A.M. on your scheduled collection day.

• What items should NOT be placed in my container?

Please do not put dirt, rock, concrete, or sod in the containers because it makes them too heavy for lifting. Other prohibited items include flammable materials such as oil, gas, paint, hot ashes or coals; hazardous and toxic waste, septic tank waste, unbagged animal waste or medical waste; automotive products including motor oil, tires, and batteries; metal and debris from construction, remodeling, or demolition projects.

• What is considered hazardous waste?

Hazardous wastes contaminate our local landfills and our environment if they are placed with your regular trash. Items considered hazardous may have labels that use words like “danger,” “warning,” caution,” “caustic,” “acid,” “flammable,” or poison.” Using common sense is usually the best preventative measure. If unsure, please call our office and we will help you determine how to dispose of such items.

• When is my garbage pick-up day?

If you have forgotten your pick-up day or are just returning to the area, please call our office with your address and we will look up your service schedule.

• What can I do if my container was not completely emptied on my pick-up day?

To ensure that all trash is collected, please make sure that all garbage is bagged. Otherwise, loose garbage may be left in the bottom of the container. If bagged garbage is being left in your container, please inform our office.

• What if my container was not emptied?

We do our best to run according to our service schedule, but there are times that require route changes. If your pick-up day was changed due to inclement weather, contact our office and we will advise your substituted day. Our holiday schedule is included in this newsletter. We ask that our customers have their containers out and available for pick-up by 5:30 A.M. on their pick-up day. This will help ensure that your pick-up isn’t skipped because your garbage isn’t out. Please do not depend on a particular time every week – we cannot reliably predict a pick-up time for each customer, especially in the summer months when we have more residents to service.

• My scheduled garbage pick-up was missed. Why?

Customers are most likely missed because a car or immovable object was blocking access to the container. Also, during times of inclement weather, a container may be missed because the road to the container is impassable or the ground around the container is too soft to bear the weight of the truck. Generally, we will notify you if we were unable to service you. Whatever the circumstance, we will get your container emptied as soon as possible.

• Can I temporarily suspend my service while leaving for vacation or while out of the area for the winter?

Please call our office to request that your service be suspended. Your account will be adjusted appropriately. If you are unsure of what date you want your service to commence, your account will remain “inactive” until we hear from you.

• I am a seasonal resident. How do I establish start/stop dates?

Generally, our seasonal residents receive a post card each spring that can be completed and returned to our office in order to notify us as to your start and stop dates. If you are unsure of your stop date, notify us when know when you will be leaving the area; if we are not informed, your service will continue.

• What should I do if I am moving?

Please contact our office in advance of your move. It is the customer’s responsibility to stop service. Of course, if you will still be located within our service area, we will be happy to continue your service at your new address.

• Do you do curbside recycling?

Not at this time.

• Can I place large or bulky items out with my normal trash for pick-up?

The answer is yes, for a reasonable, additional charge; however, our office must be notified before these items are set out for pick-up. If the item can be loaded onto our truck, they will be picked up on your scheduled pick-up day. If not, a special pick-up will be scheduled. We also offer roll-off containers for special projects, such as cleaning out your garage or roof replacement.

• How do I start service for my business?

Call our office & we will work with you to determine the appropriate container size & service frequency for your location.

• Who do I contact with billing questions?

Call our office with any billing questions. Please be aware that we bill under several different billing cycles. Some customers are billed quarterly while others are billed monthly. Most of our residents are billed quarterly and the bill is due the 1st of the last month included in the quarter for which you have been billed, e.g. if you have been billed for March through May, the bill is due May 1st.

• I just received my invoice and it is more than I expected? Can you explain?

If you are a new customer and this is your first invoice, many times it includes a pro-rated charge for what remains in the quarter when your service began. Otherwise, the extra charges can probably be accounted for by an extra pick-up that you scheduled or if there was extra garbage. Remember the limit for each pick-up is three 32 gallon containers/bags or the equivalent of 100 gallons.


Stuckman & Son Trucking


Stuckman & Son Trucking

Owned by Dan,Jr. Stuckman

Looking for a roll-off dumpster for cleanup, construction, or demolition work? Stuckman and Son Trucking is the right place to find your roll-off container. We are locally owned and pride ourselves on fast delivery and on-time service. Call us at 260-856-4251 or 260-856-2060 to schedule delivery.


A roll-off container is simply a dumpster that rolls off the back of the truck, delivering the container.

These containers provide an easy way to dispose of a large quantity of material and are excellent for large, bulky items. They are commonly used by businesses and homeowners during construction, remodeling, and general clean-up. Multiple sizes are available to handle any size cleanup job. Choose from a 6 cubic yard all the way up to the biggest 50 cubic yard container.

Choosing a size is not an exact science, but we will help determine the optimal size for your needs. As an example, a 6 yard container holds approximately three regular sized pick-up truck loads. Or a 10 yard may be perfect for a small basement clean-out, removing a 250 sq. ft. deck or removing 1500 sq. ft. of single layer roof shingles.


Our prices include two weeks rental (three on the larger sizes – 20 yard and larger). Also, there are weight restrictions in order to safely be transported. Payment is expected on or before delivery.

Therefore, whether you are a large commercial construction company or simply cleaning your garage over the weekend, we have the right solution for you. Contact us at 260-856-4251 or 260-856-2060 for availability of sizes and to schedule delivery. Call early and generally your container will be delivered in less than 24 hours.




Northern Indiana Transfer and Recycling LLC.

Northern Indiana Transfer and Recycling LLC.

Owned by Dan,Sr. and Dan, Jr. Stuckman

Northern Indiana Transfer and Recycling (NIR) is our newest division and is now open for use. We can now accept waste at our transfer facility, located at 9280 North Koher Road East in Syracuse. The rate for trash disposal is currently six cents per pound. We can also process and dispose of appliances and other bulky items, including electronics. Due to new regulations, our local landfill is no longer able to accept electronics. We cannot accept hazardous and toxic waste, including medical and animal waste, as well as flammable materials, hot ashes or coals and fluids. We are also unable to receive and process recyclables at this time, we are however, working towards adding this service.

Stuckman Sanitation


Owned by Dan,Sr. and Linda Stuckman

Stuckman Sanitation – same reputable name, same dependable service, same familiar faces. Your household waste is safely collected and responsibly transported to disposal facilities by our residential collection workers. We start early in the morning and don’t leave until all your neighborhood trash cans are empty. We always leave the neighborhood looking better than we found it. You can depend on us. Weekly service is currently $66.00 per quarter ($22.00/month).

With so many people moving into and returning to the area, we would like to make a few reminders to our customers:

  • Seasonal residents please contact our office with your start and stop dates, if you haven’t already.
  • In some areas, for the months of June, July and August we are able to offer twice weekly service. Contact our office for availability. 
  • Please update your information with our office, especially billing and site address changes.
  • If you plan on moving out of the area, call us at your earliest convenience to establish a stop date. If you don’t contact us, your service (and billing) will continue.

   For other questions, please see the FAQ page, or we can be reached at 260-856-2060 Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM and Saturday from 9 AM to 2 PM.


We appreciate your business – Thank you for your continued patronage




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